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Roger Goode

I am a highly experienced Graphic Designer with over 25 years in the field. I have been in magazine publishing as both a designer and art director; I’ve worked in marketing and advertising; and I have a great deal of experience in both team and project management. Over the years, as an employee in different organizations, and as a freelancer, I have developed and honed a broad range of skills. At this point, I can pretty much do it all…deliver a complete design project of almost any scope from soup-to-nuts. That means everything from concept and project management; to design, illustration, and photo editing; right through final production to pre-press.

I am passionate about my work and I like to keep advancing my skills, both technically and creatively. I am a self-starter and I’m comfortable working independently, but I do my best work in collaborative environments. I believe that my background and diverse mix of skills would make a good match for whatever you seek for a Graphic Designer, and I would be interested in discussing it further with you.

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