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Website Intake Form

If you are interested in building a Drupal-based website, there are a number of considerations that will help determine how the site is structured and functions. This form is provided as an aide to help you think through the process, and to help me understand what you are looking for and how I can begin to spec out the components.

For other considerations that don't fit so neatly into a form, please take a look at the Other Considerations for Building a Drupal Site page. You may also download an editable Rich Text Format copy of this form below to consider offline.

This form is not meant to be a comprehensive specification, but rather a starting point to realizing the site that you need.

Contact Information
Please enter your first name
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Site Specifications
The focus of this worksheet is on delivering and managing content—the What of your site. This is the heart of what the site is for and is not concerned with presentation. Getting the What established will inform the presentation and how the site is structured.
Please check the items that you think you will need for the development of your site