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art has gone to the dogs

3 in 30 - Granite Plate offer illustration

3 in 30 - Granite Plate offer illustration
Project Data
Tools Used: 
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This is a fairly simple illustration for a Special Promotion Offer by The Granite Plate. It's basically a composite of a handfull of parts, with some adjustment for perspective and lighting.

  • A flat background with a marble texture applied
  • A simple rectangle shape with another texture for the placemat
  • A promo mailer skewed into perspective
  • A menu made up in Illustrator, also skewed into perspective
  • A silohuetted plate of food with a drop shadow
  • And 3 type objects with Photoshop 3D filters applied
Detail Images
Marble background with textured "placemat"
Skewed Promo card
Skewed Menu imported from Illustrator
silo'ed plate of pasta
3D type