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Archery Target

Archery Target - composite
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This is a spot illustration I created for the Archery NH website. It's a composite image made up of the following objects:

  • A forest background image
  • A target that I created in Adobe Illustrator by mapping a basic target image on top of a 3D shape to create the bulk of the target
  • A set of arrows from a single arrow object I built in Illustrator

After placing the target on top of the forest background, I added the arrow, cloned it a number of times, and then created a shadow gradation over the target to give it a sense of light to fit into the forest scene. I also added shadows beneath the arrows where the "stuck" into the target. And finally, added a motion blur effect to the arrow flying through the air.

Detail Images
Forest background from
3D Target created in Adobe Illustrator
Arrows and shadows to complete the effect