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Archery Targets

Archery Targets composite
Project Data
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This is another spot illustration for the Archery NH website. It's a composite image made up of the following objects:

  • A forest background image
  • An Adobe Illustrator target that I used for the basic target illustration (see below) and cloned a couple of times
  • A 5-spot target overlay that was skewed to give it perspective
  • A set of arrows from a single arrow object I built in Illustrator

This spot uses the same procees as the single target illustration: The target is layered on top of the forest background and cloned twivce and scaled to make the targets recede in the distance. The arrows are added with shadows beneath the arrows where they "stuck" into the target. And for this spot, the 5-spot targets are added, skewed and "lighted" using a shadow gradation over the targets to give it a sense of light. Finally, a motion blur effect is added to the arrow flying through the air.


Detail Images
Forest background from
Targets are added and scaled
The Basic target before the 5-spot overlay and shadows
The arrows and shadows to marry them to the target