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art has gone to the dogs

Obama for NH 2012

Obama for NH 2012 graphic
Project Data
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I was pretty pumped for the 2012 Obama campaign. I had a little spare time leading up to the election, so I decided to play around with some stuff I'd learned using the (relatively) new 3D tools in photshop.

Basically, I took a vector shape of the Obama logo, and the type "2012" and extruded, rotated, and rendered each with the ray-tracing tool to give them a glass-like effect.

To complete the illustration, I extended the background, layered on a graphic of the NH state outline, and then layered the word "Victory" on a curved path on top of the logo.

Detail Images
The original vector shapes before being extruded
And after being extruded (the "0" in 2012 had to be adjusted to get the shadow right)