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Lullabots ATTACK!

Lullabots ATTACK! illustration
Project Data
Tools Used: 
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This sample illustration based on the Lullbot robot logo is a combination of layering composite images, and the 3D tools built into Photoshop.

  • The background is made entirely of Photoshop effects to create the star field, and the lens flare effect.
  • The Earth and Moon are silhouetted photos from NASA's public domain images
  • The moon has an overlay of the Drupal Icon face embossed into the surface
  • The Mothership is a flat graphic of the Lullabot logo that was extruded, rotated, and then rendered with some transparency using Photoshop's 3D tool
  • The thrusters on the mothership were drawn and modeled in Adobe Illustrator, then placed, cloned, and scaled in Photoshop to give them the right perspective
  • The glow around the mothership and the blast from the thrusters were added as a transparent layer above the background
  • Finally, the basic 3D model of the "ship" was cloned and scaled and rotated several times to give the effect of small "landers"  gliding down to Earth
Detail Images
A star field and lens flare effect are created over a simple gradation
Photos of the Earth and Moon are silhouetted and layered in
The Lulabot logo is extruded, rotated and skewed for perspective
Thrusters are added and a glow and blast effect layered beneath
the Lullabot is cloned, scaled and rotated to make the "landers"